Top Green Beauty Instagrammers

If you’re looking to make the switch to more eco-friendly beauty products, these Green Beauty Instagrammers are here to help you out.

Sarita Coren @saritacoren

Sarita Coren - Green Beauty Instagrammers

Sarita Coren

A self described ‘Holistic mama blogger’ and often referred to as the ‘Godmother of Green Beauty’, Sarita ‘writes, takes pictures… and tries to do better every day’. This woman has also mastered the #flatlay and is way ahead of the organic beauty game.

If you’re looking for the latest in organic beauty, non-toxic makeup, natural skin care and vegan products, you’ve found it right here. Sarita is also a mother of five and is a joy to chat to, with her wealth of knowledge on all things holistic. Why not visit her incredibly insightful blog Sarita Coren.

Amanda Jo @organicbunny

Organic Bunny - Green Beauty Instagrammers

Organic Bunny

For an education in organic skincare and natural beauty products with some gorgeous photos along the way, have a gander at The Organic Bunny’s Instagram collection of goodies. She only began her journey into using ‘cleaner’ greener products in January 2015, but Amanda now boasts over 100,000 followers, yet still personally answers all your questions about any products she’s featured.

We especially love how she combines going green with a touch of glamour, proving natural and organic doesn’t have to equal drab. Go see what this green beauty Instagrammers up to over at her blog The Organic Bunny… you’ll be glad you did!

Jena Halman-Kincaid @cleansthenewblack

Clean's The New Black - Green Beauty Instagrammers

Clean’s The New Black

With shots taken from her holistic health and wellness lifestyle blog, Jena has put together an incredibly thoughtful collection of photos. Vibrant colours fresh from nature adorn smoothies, organic lip balms and lipsticks, natural face masks and serums and fresh fruit and veggie combos.

Jena’s a registered nurse by trade, and her blog Clean’s the New Black is well worth taking a look at too if you’re interested in well-researched, well-written articles about leading a cleaner, greener healthier lifestyle.

Inga @organicbeautyblogger

Organic Beauty Blogger - Green Beauty Instagrammers

Organic Beauty Blogger

Inga is a proud natural and non-toxic beauty blogger, whose blood type is apparently coffee! Her feed is like a lovely light breeze on a Summer afternoon. Filled with pretty pinks, pastels and bleached timber floors. Oh, and of course natural cosmetics, organic skin care, organic hair products and perfect posies!

You can definitely find some of the more well know ‘green’ brands here, but there are a few less well-known ones too which is always great to see. Inga’s blog explores these natural beauty brands and organic products in greater depth over at Organic Beauty Blogger.