Top 5 Tips –
How To De-Stress Naturally

How To De-Stress Naturally

Given my recent blog post on sadness, I thought I’d also share with you the ways I use to de-stress naturally, as in without any drugs or therapy sessions. There is the occasional glass of red wine though…

How to De-Stress Naturally

Yoga - Lewin & Reilly Organic Skin Care

 1. Do Yoga

Being a former Pilates and Classical Ballet teacher, I know that exercise is an integral part of my well-being. Multiple studies also show this to be true for most, if not all people. We are designed to move, and whether that means going to a formal class with a teacher to guide you through (like Pilates), or even dancing like a maniac to your favourite music, do it. No excuses, just try it, and see how much fun you can have. For this section though, I’m going to focus on yoga to help you de-stress naturally.

There’s an excellent site called Do Yoga With Me which has hundreds and hundreds of classes, taught by professional instructors for all levels, from beginners to advanced… and they’re all free!

You can also donate by joining the Do Yoga With Me Community, which helps keep the site going, plus gives you access to even more high quality online classes, and allows you to rate videos of classes you’ve taken part of. Their review system is excellent, and I find really helps you decide which classes to try your hand at.

Being a Pilates and Ballet girl, I never thought I’d say this but I now LOVE yoga!

2. Have A Bath

I know if you’re in most parts of Australia, or even somewhere like California you have to really be mindful about conserving water. But once in a while, I think it’s more than acceptable to “pamper” yourself and have a bath. I have to admit, every time I have one, two things happen…

1: I wish I had them more frequently! Especially when we’ve had a lot of rain and the water tanks are full.

2: I have to eat in it! And usually messy things like spaghetti Bolognese (bath + spaghetti = best combination ever IMHO), dark chocolate, strawberries, my favourite cup of matcha and lemon juice or my absolute favourite to top it all off – sparkling shiraz!

If you’re not a “bath person”, maybe try it a bit differently a few times, to see what works for you. I like it really hot, 3/4 full and with lots of food.

My hubby Andi recently discovered that he really likes his cold! He never thought he was a bath person until he sat in it long enough the other day and it got cold… heaven apparently! There was a video game or two to keep him distracted while in there. So as you can see what works for me or Andi, may not work for you.

A few suggestions to de-stress naturally in the bath:

  • Try experimenting with the temperature.
  • Try it with salts/oils/bubble bath (palm oil and sls free of course). Try it without.
  • Take a book, magazine or even just an eye mask to do absolutely nothing but lay there.
  • Have the lights off, light candles, try the lights on low if you have a dimmer switch.
  • Try breathing deeply, focusing on relaxation and being calm.
  • Take an aeroplane neck pillow in with you… try it, you won’t look back.
  • Whatever you do though, I’d suggest not taking your phone or computer in with you. For obvious blue light distraction and possible electrocution reasons. Remember, taking care of you is the goal.

3. Go For A Walk In Nature

Nature is wonderful. You don’t need me to tell you that. When you “make the effort” to get outside, smell the fresh air and at least some of the time, walk barefoot to ground yourself, you just feel better. If you live in the city, and there’s a park a wee way away from you, drive there, then spend your precious time walking in and around the park.

4. Talk To Your Spouse/Partner/Friends/Family

Sometimes, you just need to talk. Turn off that ipad/computer/smart phone (although not just yet, finish reading this post at least), and have a conversation. Talk to your spouse/partner. Tell them how you’re feeling, what happened today or this week. Ask them what’s going on with them. How are they feeling? Is there anything you really want to say that’s stayed locked up inside for a while? Or just that you want to chit-chat? Try and really listen when they’re talking, and hopefully they’ll give you the same courtesy.

Phone up your Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister, Gran, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, best friend, someone you’ve been out of contact with for a while and bloody-well talk to them! Skype is the other good option for those that live far away from you (though I know this requires a computer of some form or another). Or you could always start talking to your computer like Joaquin Phoenix did in the movie “Her”… or maybe not.

5. Make Time To Just Breathe

There are many apps, meditation websites and techniques you can apply to this, but if you like to keep it simple, try just breathing in for 5 seconds, hold without tension for 5 seconds, then breathe out for 5 seconds. Or even simpler, breathe in deeply, breathe out deeply.

I like to focus on expanding my rib cage (front, back and sides) as I inhale through my nose. I relax my jaw and facial features, feeling my shoulders melt down my back, really opening out my chest to the sky. Then on the exhale (through the mouth), I feel my stomach gently pull inwards and upwards, mildly lifting pelvic floor muscles, and feel the tightness and tension seep out and melt away from my body. You can close your eyes for this to help shut out any visual “noise”.

Try it for 10 rounds (1 round = 1 in breath + 1 out breath), as an individual exercise. It only takes around 3 minutes of your day, and can be done anywhere, making it perhaps the easiest, freest way to help de-stress naturally.

The other day, I also found this wonderful breathing class (again on Do Yoga With Me), that challenges you to really try different ways of breathing and testing different patterns. It can make you feel a little light headed at times, but I guess as long as you’re not attempting it while atop the ledge of a sky-scraper, that’s ok.

* Bonus Tip

Take even greater care of yourself, your body and mind by taking an extra 5 minutes each day or whenever you can, to focus on your personal care routine.

I’m actually more of a fan of calling it your “daily practice” because the word routine can make it sound boring, cumbersome and like its just another thing to add to your many chores, when really it shouldn’t be.

Take pleasure in breathing deeply while you’re cleansing your face and neck, or applying your moisturiser; If they have beautiful aromas, enjoy them! The focus on deep breathing will help calm your mind, and good quality organic products have aromas with all kinds of good properties for your mental well-being.

The act of taking your time to massage products into skin, apply a mask or double cleanse feels special, and like you are worthy of your time, which you of course are.

I of course, use our Lewin & Reilly organic skin care collection for my daily practice, or personal care ritual. Here’s one of the many things I do:

With the exquisite Kukui Replenishing Oil Cleanser, I apply 3 drops into the palm of my hands and gently massage into my face and neck, sometimes my decollete too. I breathe deeply as I do this, as the aroma is to die for (think warm, herbaceous and fresh petals).

I also pump 3 drops into my bath (when I have access to one). It is simply decadent used this way. Not only does the warm water seem to bring out the aroma even more, but the oils are so luxurious, they seem to caress your skin as you bathe. Highly recommended.

You can purchase this beautiful organic oil cleanser by clicking the image or button below.

Lewin-&-Reilly-Organic-Skin-Care Organic Oil Cleanser Kukui-Replenishing-Oil-Cleanser---Made-in-New-Zealand-de-stress naturally.jpg

We hope you enjoyed this article, and would love to hear from you! Email with your thoughts, tips and questions on how to de-stress naturally.