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Top 5 Tips – How To De-Stress Naturally

Given my recent blog post on sadness, I thought I’d also share with you the ways I use to de-stress naturally – as in without any drugs or therapy sessions. There is the occasional glass of red wine though…READ MORE >

how to de-stress naturally - Lewin & Reilly organic skin care NZ

What Is a Toner? Plus 5 Must-Know Skin Care Tips To Use One Like A Pro.

If you suffer from dry, damaged or lacklustre skin, you’ll want to know more about toners…

Top Green Beauty Instagrammers to Follow, Stat

If you’re looking to make the switch to more eco-friendly beauty products, these organic beauties are here to help you out.

Sarita Coren

Cruelty Free. Are Your Products Tested on Animals?

It’s a sad fact that animal testing is still a thing. Yes, certain companies in the skin care and beauty realm still test their products and ingredients on animals, and it’s more prevalent than you may think.

Though I’m not usually a fan of the whole ‘name and shame’ thing, as I try to invest my time and energy into the positive, I would like to highlight these companies. So let’s get into it. Here are just some of the beauty and skin care companies that currently test their products and ingredients on animals.


Cruelty Free. Are you products tested on animals?

Why You Should Choose Organic Skin Care – Part 2

Most skin care is rubbish. It’s a scientifically proven fact*

Organic skin care on the other hand, well that’s a whole new ballgame.

We’ve talked before about what organic skin care is, and gave you the three main reasons why you should choose organic skin care:

Your Health

Your Complexion

The Environment

In this post we cover the middle point. Which I think is perhaps the main reason why we all choose to spend so much time and money on skin care in the first place ~

Your Complexion.

Earthen Duo - Lewin & Reilly

Why You Should Choose Organic Skin Care – Part 1

Before we begin our raving chant on organic skin care, and its plethora of benefits, let’s start with what ‘organic skin care’ means:

Skin care products formulated with ingredients grown without pesticides, insecticides, and other harsh ‘chemicals’ that almost certainly, negatively affect your health. GM crops are, unsurprisingly, out of the question too.

Now perhaps you’re thinking, ‘I eat organic, surely that’s enough?’ Well, it’s a great start.

Annie Spratt Organic Beauty

Why Your Skin Will Love Double Cleansing. Plus We Show You How

Have you tried double cleansing? Maybe you’ve never heard of it and think we’re talking Martian. Either way, we’ve got you covered with this simple technique.

Organic Skin Care - Girl Curly Hair in Hay Field - by Larisa Birta

Cleansing With Oil For Swoon-Worthy Skin

Rubbing oil over your face may not be the first idea you have to improve your skin, but believe it or not, the oil cleansing method works.

It’s been around for many years and there are seriously devoted followers out there like us, that know and have experienced the benefits of this wonderful method. So we thought it high-time to put our spin on things and explain just what it’s all about.